Fabric Care

Fabric Properties

Tussar silk is also known by its Sanskrit name 'Kosa silk'. For more than 3000 years, various villages in India, specially from the country's eastern part, have been producing silk threads from silkworms. It will be interesting to note that the property of the silk produced not only depends on the moth which produces it, but also on the leaves the moth eats. Tussar silk is obtained from silk moths of the antherea mylitta species. The moths usually feed on Saal and Segun trees. These silk moths produce naturally gold-coloured threads. The unique characteristics of Tussar silk add to its charm and elegance. Some of the unique characteristics of the Tussar Silk are:

  1. It has a rich and coarse texture.
  2. It gives a cool and comfortable feeling.
  3. It imparts dual shade to the saree.
  4. It is light and easy to wear.

The Tusaar Silk procured by Kamaniya is produced entirely in the state of West Bengal. This particular variety of silk is prized for its rich texture and natural golden color. Though this silk fabric is traditionally worn as a saree, Kamaniya manufactures various other garments like kurtis, dupattas and blouses from Tussar silks. All our readymade garments have cotton linings to ensure longevity of the product.

All of our products use this finest natural silk. Each and every product is handcrafted as evident from the variations of texture and colour of the material as well as the colour and craftsmanship of the dye, block and kantha work. We sincerely request you to take good care of the garment to ensure its quality and longevity.

Fabric Care

Tussar silk needs to be maintained in order to keep its charm intact. Dry cleaning the Tussar silk is the best way to take care of this rich fabric. Tussar, like all varieties of silk loses its strength when wet. You should therefore treat it gently during laundering. Kamaniya recommends DRY WASHING of all garments made with this magnificient silk. To preserve the colour of the saree as well as the block prints and kantha works on it, we do not advice cleaning the Tussar garments at home. Chemical bleach should never be used on them.

Please see our fabric care guidelines attached with each and every product of Kamaniya.


Dry Clean only.


Use a warm iron if needed.