Mission & vision

Our Vision and Mission is aimed towards the revival of the timeless Tussar that upholds the unmatched craftsmanship of various under-privileged communities of rural West Bengal. We make great effort to involve the people of the remote, back-of-beyond areas of West Bengal in every step of our work.

The dedication with which Kamaniya creates this spirit of inclusion, has carved the pathway to a sustained source of income for so many rural households. These people have a high level of unmatched skills despite the hard life they lead. In fact, their hardships find artistic relief in their high creativity and expertise. The resilience and creativity of these dedicated pool of craftsmen become beautifully crafted in Kamaniya’s designs and fine karigari.

Our key focus is to also help the women of these rural, backward communities to have a source of income and vocation for themselves. Kantha is a women-dominated craft. Women are also involved in the process where the cocoon is made into a yarn.

These women have their tales to tell. They work really hard day and night. They complete their morning household duties and then dedicate themselves to our work. After completing the work for Kamaniya, they again resume their household duties. Some have even fought against their family’s resistance to doing this work and created a niche for themselves despite all odds. Kamaniya stood by them in their fight for a place under the sun.

These rural people and the womenfolk are our flagship bearers. Their sweat and blood goes into what makes Kamaniya so special. Kamaniya is a salute to their indomitable spirit. In turn, Kamaniya has become a dedicated champion of their cause!